The Bee Farmers’ Association and its members are involved in a number of research projects relevant to commercial beekeeping. If you are developing a research project and would like to discuss it with a representative of the Bee Farmers’ Association, please contact Membership Services.

Swarmonitor project hives, Avignon, France [Photo: John Howat]


The Bee Farmers’ Association was the project coordinator for the pan-European Swarmonitor project which aims to develop a tool for diagnostic monitoring of honey bee colonies by monitoring vibrations in the hive.

The consortium members were:

  • The Bee Farmers’ Association Limited, UK
  • INRA, France
  • Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • CARI, Belgium
  • CAPAZ GmbH, Germany
  • European Professional Beekeepers’ Association (EPBA)
  • SZOMEL, Germany
  • Arnia, UK.

The project was funded under the European Union (EU) Seventh Framework Programme.