Corporate Partnerships

The Bee Farmers’ Association welcomes corporate partners. Should you be interested in supporting a project or initiative, perhaps to meet corporate and social responsibility obligations, please contact the General Secretary.

Apprenticeship Scheme

BFA The Waterloo Foundation

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The apprenticeship scheme is sponsored by:

We are grateful to all of the above for their generous support and long-term commitment to the scheme.

Knowledge Exchange Project

We are additionally grateful to The Waterloo Foundation for its support of this initiative.

Government Funding

In relation to the apprenticeship scheme, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has provided funding to:

  • support the work of assessors, verifiers and mentors
  • investigate the broadening of eligibility criteria for entry to the apprenticeship scheme
  • create an online resource of business case studies.

Defra has also provided funding to support other work of the Bee Farmers’ Association to:

  • assist establishment of the Disease Assurance Scheme for Honeybees (DASH)
  • fund education activities at regional meetings.